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Six Sigma Training Washington DC

Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification - Washington DC

Are you thinking about earning a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt? If so, a recent salary survey suggests that obtaining your certification is a sound investment in your future. The survey states that many Six Sigma certificate holders earn up to $125,000 with the lean six sigma credential. Achieving your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) certificate is a quick way to energize your career, increase your pay and create new opportunities for professional advancement.

With our first six sigma training class held in 1992, we have helped over 25,000 professionals take their careers to the next level. Bringing this quarter century of experience to the classroom, Edwel can help you achieve your Green Belt certificate after just four days in our Lean Six Sigma Boot Camp.

Start enjoying the benefits of investing in yourself - join our six sigma green belt training course today.

  • Title: Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt Certification - Washington DC
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Time: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Format: Instructor-led, classroom

Master Black Belt instructors lead our Lean Six Sigma classes

Instructors make the difference: with decades of teaching experience, our Master Black Belt certified teachers know the tools, techniques and strategies you need achieve your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. With Edwel training and instruction, you receive your fully accredited Six Sigma Green Belt at the end of one week. If you are looking for an engaging environment to earn your six sigma certification, then you will find Edwel's four day class to be a perfect fit.

Course benefits:

  • Four days of hands-on, small group classroom training
  • Aligned with the American Society of Quality green belt curriculum
  • Detailed instruction and practice with statistical software tools
  • Qualifies for continuing studies towards the black belt
  • Immediately enables you to work through the five phases of a lean six sigma project
  • Meets all ASQ Green Belt certification testing requirements


Ann Buice
Recently completed the Green Belt program with Edwel and instructor Richard Perrin. It was wonderful. The class was just the right pace and Mr. Perrin was able to keep the class moving but took the time to assist with concepts and making sure everyone was engaged. I would highly recommend this class with Edwel and Mr. Perrin.

Course Outline - Lean Six Sigma

The class is designed to teach the Lean Six tools through the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) process. During class, participants learn to create an implementation plan, confirm the benefits, and then set up the controls to maintain project gains.

Lean Six Sigma - Define

  • Define Overview
  • Use the DMAIC process for planning project improvement
  • Understand and create Lean and DFSS processes
  • Understand DMADV and IDOV
  • Perform a Root Cause Analysis
  • Process components and cross-functional areas
  • Identify Internal & External customers and stakeholders
  • Collect and analyze customer data
  • Decision tool process using the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)
  • Translate customer requirements into project goals. Define CTQ's
  • Develop the Project Charter and Problem Statement
  • Develop the Business Case
  • Define scope, metrics using Pareto charts, process maps
  • Use project planning tools CPM and PERT
  • Documenting the project: storyboards, phase reviews, management reviews
  • Management planning tools including: Affinity diagrams, interrelationship digraphs, tree diagrams
  • Basics of TOC and Critical Chain project management
  • Calculate process performance
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - calculate the Risk Priority Number
  • Use team dynamics tools
  • Understand team evolution
  • Roles and responsibilities of Lean Six Sigma teams

Lean Six Sigma - Measure

  • Measure Overview
  • Utilize process modeling to create process maps
  • Basic statistics - utilize and distinguish between statistical processes
  • Basic probability including conditional probability (Bayesian analysis)
  • Classify data and measurement scales: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio
  • Utilize data collection methods such as check sheets, coded data, etc.
  • Assure data accuracy utilizing random sampling, stratified sampling, and homogeneity
  • Utilize descriptive statistics to define and compute measure of central tendency
  • Utilize graphical tools for interpreting charts
  • Understanding and utilize probability distributions
  • Measurement systems analysis tools: GR&R (Gage R&R) measure correlation
  • Calculate process capability performance
  • Process Performance Analysis

Lean Six Sigma - Analyze

  • Analyze Overview
  • Utilize and interpret multi-vari studies: know the difference between positional, cyclical and temporal variation
  • Utilize correlation coefficient and regression analysis models
  • Utilize and interpret the paired-comparison test
  • Determine appropriate sample sizes
  • Understand hypothesis testing: Type I and Type II errors, significance level and power
  • Plot and interpret one-way ANOVA
  • Interpret chi-square to determine statistical significance

Lean Six Sigma - Improve and Control

  • Improve and Control Overview
  • Basic DOE (Design of Experiments)
  • Understanding dependent and independent variables, factors and levels
  • Understanding response, treatment, error, repetition and replication
  • Interpret main effects and interaction plots
  • SPC charting: create, utilize and interpret control charts

Lean Six Sigma - Exercises for real-world practice

Throughout this four day class, you will work through exercises and activities designed to reinforce key concepts of the Green Belt curriculum.

Lean Six Sigma Training - Washington DC Location

Edwel Training Center
2121 15th Street
Arlington, VA. 22201

Tuition: $2890 USD   $2290 USD with early registration

Ask about corporate discounts.
Participants will need a laptop computer for this class.