Lean Six Sigma Training - Green Belt

With Lean Six Sigma training from Edwel Programs, the key message driven home throughout our green belt session is that the methodology is not, by itself, a “silver bullet”. Rather, getting and sustaining results depends on how the organization utilizes the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Edwel's experience and expertise in Lean Six Sigma training and talent development is unparalleled:

  • Utilizing only certified Master Black Belts in the classroom, our instructors are quick to add professional insight into your most complex Lean Six challenges.

  • With our first Six Sigma training engagement occurring in 1992, Edwel has been at the forefront of the Lean Six Sigma movement for over two decades.

  • With scores of global clients, we have helped over 25,000 professionals take their careers to the next level.

    Green Belt - Atlanta

    This 5-day training program is designed to provide the skills Green Belts need to guide their projects using the latest Lean Six Sigma skills.

    Our approach to Lean Six Sigma training

    The class is designed to use the Lean Six tools in the correct way to move through the DMAIC steps from Project kick-off through data measure, analysis of the process and data, to finding the root causes, and then creating and selecting the appropriate solutions. From there, participants learn to create an implementation plan, confirm the benefits, and then set up the controls so the process can maintain the gains. 

    Lean Six Sigma - Day 1

  • Welcome, Introductions, Outline for the Week
  • DMAIC Simulation
  • Define Introduction
  • Documenting and Reviewing the Define Documents
  • Establishing the Project Charter
  • Determining Project Goals and Objectives
  • Developing the Project Charter
  • Meeting Management
  • Identifying and Assessing Stakeholders
  • Techniques for Managing Stakeholders Effectively
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Participation
  • Introduction to SIPOC Analysis
  • Determining Internal and External Suppliers
  • Identifying Materials, Services, and Information
  • Documenting Process Inputs and Outputs
  • Introduction to VOC
  • Establishing and Documenting Voice of the Customer
  • Wrap Up/Review

    Lean Six Sigma - Day 2

  • Measure Overview
  • Establishing Performance Capability Baselines
  • Determining Performance Metrics
  • Identifying Measurement System
  • Establishing Data Collection Techniques
  • Creating Operational Definition Dictionary
  • Introduction to Process Mapping for Lean Six
  • Process Mapping Techniques and Protocols
  • Reviewing Sampling Gage R&R
  • Tenets of Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Data Differentiation and Data Patterns
  • Testing for Process Capability
  • Process Gap Analysis
  • Wrap Up/Review

  • Lean Six Sigma - Day 3

  • Brain Dump and Review
  • Analyze Overview and Introduction
  • Understanding Cause and Effect Relationships
  • Discussing Defect Analysis
  • Understanding Value Add
  • Introduction Future State Value Stream
  • Lean Six Process Mapping Techniques Review
  • Creating Value Stream Map
  • Work Flow Identification
  • Creating Flow: Select the Loop
  • Full-scale Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Introduction to Normal Theory
  • Discussing Hypothesis Testing
  • Performing Normal Theory and Hypothesis Testing
  • Wrap Up/Review

  • Lean Six Sigma - Day 4

  • Brain Dump and Review
  • Improve Overview and Introduction
  • Optimizing Existing Processes
  • Accessing Collected Data for Optimization
  • Discussing Design of Experiments
  • Understanding Key Elements of DOE
  • Generating Solutions
  • Techniques for Evaluating Potential Solutions
  • Communicating the Solution
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment
  • Preparing for the Pilot
  • Effective Implementation Planning
  • Wrap Up/Review

  • Lean Six Sigma - Day 5

  • Brain Dump and Review
  • Control Overview and Introduction
  • Determining and Assessing Control Systems
  • Statistical Process Control Review
  • Elements of Effective Monitoring
  • Creating Flow
  • C1 and Project Closure

  • Duration: 5 Days
    Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm

    Contact Hours: 40

    Tuition: $2795.00  ($2995.00 with exam fee)

    Why choose EdWel for your Six Sigma training needs?        

    Simply put, we have only Master Black Belt instructors currently teaching our Lean Six Sigma course. Even better, these same instructors developed and designed the materials you will use during class.

    But that's not the only reason you should choose us. Since rolling out our first Six Sigma initiative in 1992, EdWel Programs has helped scores of world-class clients improve internal processes. Need a few more reasons?

    What is EdWel's approach?

    Instructors make the difference: with decades of teaching experience, our Master Black Belt certified teachers guide you through this intense Lean Six training.

    What you receive: 

    • An instructor-led, small class format (small classes let you ask your teacher more questions)

    • An expanded hard copy manual with hundreds of practice question
    • Customized tools and simulations to help you study and learn more quickly

    Okay, Sum It All Up for Me:

    Our veteran instructors and expert materials make us clearly better than any other boot camp. 

    • We offer expert insight and tips to solve your real-world Six Sigma issues.
    • Flexible scheduling: Others charge high fees if you reschedule and keep your tuition if you cancel.

    • Locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC 

    • Our affordable tuition ensures a real-world return on your investment.

    What do I do Next?

    1. Call 800.544.1995 to ask any questions and register for a class.
    2. Speak to an adviser to determine your training strategy.
    3. Register soon. Our Lean Six Sigma training classes fill up fast!

    Some more Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Do I need other training classes before this one? No. If you follow our pre-class instructions, you should excel in our class.

    • Is it required for me to be working on a Lean Six project before I apply? No. However, we find it helpful if you have plans to do so within 6-12 months.
    • Call us at 800.544.1995 with any additional questions. By Michael Welles

    July 14-18, 2014
    Lean Six - Green Belt Training
    8200 Roberts Rd
    Sandy Springs, GA 30328
    Lean Six Sigma - Seats available
    Register early - $300 training discount.
    I thank you immensely for all your help!
    Karen Grein, PMP